Come and meet the avalanche of good music and good spirit

Belgrade, 11th to 13th of October 2018


Showcase Belgrade 2018

Festival in Belgrade

Indirekt is an independant music and art festival with two hometowns - Umag/Croatia in June and Belgrade/Serbia in October. This year Indirekt Showcase Belgrade happens for the forth time in Belgrade, in four venues, with 22 stunning performers and numerous brillliant lecturers and discussion panel participants from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

A decision was made by the headman of the Ammonite Records and Phonofile Balkan, Dejan Bošković, to go showcase. The region of former Yugoslavia still lacks showcase festivals - except for Slovenia's MENT, Macedonian PIN conference and Serbia has practically no festival of this kind. The local scenes in former Yugoslavia are thriving and they yearn for better mutual communication and better connection with the rest of the European music market. Indirekt Showcase is therefore a new platform for boosting music scene, a new showcase festival in Balkans.

Feel yourself welcome to the Europe's party capital - Belgrade! Come and meet the avalanche of good music and good spirit! Go Indirekt!


Atom Akademija / Dorćol Platz / Soul Society / SAE Institute Belgrade


Bullet For A Badman (SRB), Dingospo Dali (SRB), Igralom (SRB), IVATU (RUS), Ivica (SRB), KI (MK), Slonz (SRB, Killedbycar (POL), Ichabod (CRO), Lucia (ROM), Next Ex (ROM), Passed (HU, Radioslam (POL), Sergio Lounge (SRB), Tus Nua (CRO), The Black Room (CRO) The Siids (CRO), Vera Jonas Experiment (HU) Vin Triste (SRB), Virvel (SRB), Visions In Clouds (CH).

We proudly invite you to the first showcase festival in Serbia, and one of the few in Balkans! Indirekt Showcase Belgrade takes place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 11th to 13th of October 2018.


Zemlja: Rusija


I'm Her

Indirekt Showcase Belgrade 2018


Zemlja: Srbija


Neki čovek



Bullet For A Badman plays instrumental music based on funk, jazz and afro rhythms, combined with dynamic guitar sound and wind brass section.

The group made the foundations under the original name Metak Za Zlikovca and published two albums in that release, and after a small break and a change of several members, it continues with new creative achievements under the new name – Bullet For A Badman.


IVATU - is a band from Moscow that was founded by multi-instrumentalist Anton, poetess Eava and a producer Pavel in 2016 with debut EP «Revel» which has a taste of late Portishead, early Massive Attack and Cocteau twins aesthetics. Their music is noted for it’s trip-hop, darkwave and psychedelic influences. It’s melodic, dark, mystical, cold with specific poetic lyrics and desperate and tender vocals. IVATU uses rare vintage gear and likes to avoid modern digital sound and computers. As a result their sound is rich and potent which has a strong emotional impact.


Dingospo Dali is an alternative rock band formed in 2011 in Belgrade. Over the years, guided by various influences of bands with mostly darker and melancholy sound, Dingospo Dali authentically combined the groove and rhythm with gentle and melodic vocal and guitar parts, which can be heard in the 12 songs of the album "Sve dok mislim da je ovo drugi svet". 
Dingospo Dali often play on affirmative festivals. Thy practice as most Belgrade bands in the BIGZ building. They paid attention to themselves after they won at the first television competition of demo bands Bunt Rok Masters in 2015, organized by Emisija Bunt and RTS2 program of Radio Television Serbia and Radio 202, in which a large number of demo bands took part. The band currently working on their new album, and the single can be expected in autumn.


Ivica is an Serbian indie rock act from Pančevo, founded in 2012. The backbone of Ivica is Ivan Kacavenda, a guitarist and singer.

Ivica's albums differ from genre, from singer-songwriter sound to shoegaze and noise pop. They published several albums, highlighting the latest What Kind of People Are You (Kakvi ste to ljudi). At concerts, Ivan often performs solo on acoustic guitar or with his friend Aleksandra Andonovska on electic guitar.

If you like repetitive melodies with minimalistic poetic texts, you’ll love Ivica at the concert.

Dingospo Dali

Zemlja: Srbija

Dingospo Dali

Drugi svet


Ki is an indie-electronic band from Kumanovo, Macedonia formed in 2016. by Andrej Dimkovski, Stefan Ilievski and two brothers Aleksandar and Miloš Kraljevski - four souls into one band playing with a variety of music styles, accompanied by strong and dreamy lyrics. Dark-melancholic but also groovy and dance-oriented are their main characteristics and the reason why they got a lot of attention and appreciation after each performance. As a relatively new band, they have achieved significant success in their country and on the Balkans, playing a lot of gigs and winning some of the most important festivals such as Zajecarska Gitarijada, Serbia; Omladina Festival, Serbia and RMF, Croatia.


NEXT EX is a synth-pop band from Bucharest, Romania. They have been working together for their first album for almost 2 years, and they released their first single, called Hey Girl (Self-conscious talk), in July 2016. At the end of 2017, the band released their first album called Mistakes, which includes 7 tracks.
They chose this name for their band after realizing that their main source of inspiration, when it comes to songwriting, lies in their personal experiences. They believe that every experience that is about to happen instantly becomes part of the past. It’s a matter of time before every “next” becomes an “ex”. Their motto is “Life experiences translated into music.”


Zemlja: Poljska


Funky Racer


Killedbycar is an electronic-indie rock trio with punk-rock past. The band’s sound is based on energetic, melodious guitars and rhythmic synthesizers. A distinctive factor is the unusual use and connection of various electronic and stringed instruments, and sounds exactly as it looks. They released their first single "Thinking of you" on the day of a short tour in Poland with the band "Dubioza Kolektiv". In February they could see their live concert on the radio "Czwórka", and the single "Thinking of you" jumped on a permanent playlist. During the performance in France SnowShow "Peak up the sound" the band recorded a video for the earlier single "Rave it out". After having released a few singles, they compose and record their album, which will appear in autumn. The clip for the latest single "Nightride" was realized in 360 degree technology!


The 23-year-old Romanian indie/pop singer Lucia just released her second studio album, “Samsara”. You might be one of the millions of people who watched her hit YouTube video “Silence” from when she was a teenager, or you might remember her constant search for a proper style and tone that marked her debut album from 2015 (also titled “Silence”). In this year’s “Samsara”, however, we see a new side of Lucia – the mature, self-assured artist who brings together a crew of musicians and producers to complete her vision of a concept album about death and rebirth. The music on “Samsara” is diverse, with lots of piano and strings but also a touch of electronica; you can hear echoes of established acts such as Regina Spektor or Aurora. In this album we can se Lucia’s experimental side, but also melancholic and powerful one.


RADIOSLAM is a combination of rock music with explosive energy streaming live during stage performances. Although the band is at the beginning of their musical career, thanks to numerous concerts, the fan base is constantly expanding - both in Poland and abroad! The song “Save the Day” occupied 1st place on the list of “Turbo top” on the most famous Polish rock radio stations – Antyradio. “You have to do everything you think is sincere, what you have in your heart. That is our music, that is, honest and flowing straight from the heart." Soon their LP will come out, which will revolutionize rock music!


Slonz are attractive, intelligent, power trio located in Šabac, Serbia. They are a new act, but in their brief history, band did a nice and great job – they are winners of prestigious regional "Demofest Banjaluka”, for the year 2017. Their alter/indie rock has strong social and critical attitude towards the city they live in, people in it but mostly towards themselves.

Check' em out, they are ready and willing with their 8 track debut album "Lepota u glavi", released for "R'n'R records".

The Black Room

Zemlja: Hrvatska

The Black Room



The Black Room is a rock band from Rijeka, Croatia. Their debut album “In This Town Lies a City” was very well received not only by the audience, but also by the critique which called them one of the new quality bands coming out of the Rijeka rock scene. The Black Room proved their quality with next EP “After Dark” which was released last year. They rely on the darker character of the blues rock and garage rock bands and neopsychedelia of the 80's and 90's. The texts are inspired by personal stories with protagonists from the city living in the atmosphere of rock, poetry and nightlife, and research, personal freedom and social status are just some of the themes The Black Room translates into music. With the influences of garage and noise rock they can be put somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Jesus And Mary Chain.


Members of The Siids decided to reflect on their former musical work by travelling to Australia.
Exploration of that vast and distant country gave them completely different insight into the music they were listening and playing so far, provoking them to start drafting the shapes of inspiration emerged throughout every step of the journey.

Once back in Croatia, Darko and Stanislav headed straight to studio, ending up with ten new pieces for their forthcoming album. The genre in which The Siids are is somewhere in the range of indie and electro pop/rock, influenced by the music of Editors, Phantogram, Twin Shadow, The Kills, EL VY, The Presets, M83, Depeche Mode and others.

Jónás Vera Experiment

Zemlja: Madjarska

Jónás Vera Experiment



Tús Nua was formed in 2014, but exists with these members since 2016. Tús Nua's first album “Horizons” was released in September 2017 and it takes the known and the unknown from everyday life and turns it into atmospheric music with short lyrics, and ambiguous meanings, taking you on a journey you can experience in a hundred different ways. The album was featured on many music charts as (one of) the best album(s) of 2017, including,,,, Radio Študent, beehype, and many more. The song „Fight!“ was featured on KEXP as the song of the day January 9, 2018. In January 2018, Tús Nua also became a part of the Seattle based label Weltraum-Wal Records, which released their album “Horizons” on cassette in May 2018. Tús Nua plays a blend-rock, shoegaze, ofpost and a little bit of everything, and is currently based in Zagreb, playing and working on their second album, while promoting “Horizons”.

Vera Jonas Experiment

Award-winning Vera Jónás sways you with her tender music or makes you dance with her tiger-wild songs. The band was finalist in Hungary’s greatest talent show organized by Sziget Festival and the Hungarian National Television/Radio.

She was chosen to participate in songwriting camps in Berlin and Budapest. She recorded a session for Sofar Sounds Sessions in Hamburg and a session for BalconyTV in Budapest.

Vera sings the main theme of an original HBO series broadcast in 18 countries around the world, and a UPC advertisement. The band is constantly on tour in Hungary and abroad.

Vin Triste

Zemlja: Srbija

Vin Triste

Ako Ikad

Vin Triste

Vin Triste is a minimalistic alternative rock band formed in 2016. Their sound is this: dynamic rhytm section and melancholic melodies are united with female energy and emotional lyrics.

Even though the band exists only a little bit longer than one year, they already had a few very important concerts – festival “Mostovi i Raskršća” in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Mozaik festival in Salzburg, they were guests at the concert of one of the most famous alternative band in the region Repetitor... and after that they played at Demofest in Banjaluka where they won the second place.


The songs of Visions in Clouds [VIC] are anthems of a faceless generation. The Lucerne, Switzerland quartet’s fusion of post-punk and ‘80s new wave embodies a search for clarity with which anyone can identify. Meandering guitar riffs and contemplative lyrics are prominent elements in each VIC soundscape, and their somber stage presence only adds to their mystique. Identity and isolation are recurring themes in VIC’s music. Their songs resonate not only with the disenfranchised youth of today, but anyone who has longed for meaning. From the distance in their concepts, you can sense a shapeless truth that is somehow more substantial for being so serenely veiled. After the success of their 2016 debut album “Masquerade”, the band have fine tuned their style to deliver a vibrant new EP titled “levée en masse”.


Virvel is a shoegaze/lo-fi/indie-rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Not being afraid to search through the sound and through their own emotions, the members of the band create an authentic sensibility which they all instinctively reached the moment they got together. Experimentation with almost every musical genre makes the concerts of Virvel an exceptional experience. The sound of this band, usually described by critics as postrock or shoegaze, actually represents the creation of atmosphere of other possibilities by using the basic rock tools. Believing in the alternative reality, members of the band principally avoid the media. They release their albums in their own record label, choosing by themselves the people to collaborate with and the way to do it.


PASSED is the No. 1 electronic harp music band in Hungary, and with this unique title, probably in the whole world. You can catch them regularly on the national TV and radio with their unique pop ballads, that will make you really emotional and dancing airily at the same time. Passed’s objective is to introduce more and more people to the beautiful sounds of the harp, while packaging it into a modern world of sounds. The band’s core message is to help people realise they are not alone with their problems, and there are always multiple ways of making one's life better. They are unsigned, independent artists, writing and producing music, directing and shooting music videos on their own.

Bullet For A Badman

Zemlja: Srbija

Bullet For A Badman



Ichabod je sveža, mlada pojava na hrvatskoj muzičkoj sceni, nastala krajem 2014. u okriljima sopstvene sobe. Tokom godina Ichabod je otkrivao svoj zvuk, da bi konačno ove godine osmislio album u kom će preovladati pesme s romantičnim, melanholičnim ispovestima mladića u razdoblju kasne adolescencije, popraćen baroknim i power pop aranžmanima, oslanjajući se na formule bendova kao što su Kinks, Beatles, Curt Boettcher, The Byrds, Big Star i drugi manje poznati savremenici. U Soul Society klubu će mu se pridružiti na gitari dugogodišnji saradnik Vedran Ivković, originalni član kultnog karlovačkog sastava Wanderlust.


Igralom is a music group founded in Niš in June 2015. In just three months, Igralom managed to record their debut album “Pogrešna poznanstva”.

This 9 track album was recognized as an innovative and energetic album by a wide audience of the Balkan region, and the band’s unique combination of West African music, blues rock and Serbian new wave soon became a widely recognizable sound strongly related to a specific name – Igralom.

Visions In Clouds [VIC]

Zemlja: Švajcarska

Visions In Clouds [VIC]

Rage In Silence


Edo Plovanić

Edo Plovanić is a founder of the leading music media outlet in Croatia – The company is an award-winning media outlet, content agency, and influencer lab. His professional life involves music, tech, media, innovation, and investment. He lives in between Zagreb where his office is and New York City where he mentors young innovators for United Nations Population Fund.

Nemanja Kostić

WHY RADIO IS NOT PLAYING MY SONG? - 15:30, Saturday, october 13th

Nemanja Kostić claims that he is not famous and gets upset if you say otherwise, but has thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter. He promotes everything awesome in Belgrade – science, music, museums… He started working on a radio station when he was 13 and after that started to educate himself. He went to language high school where he learned Latin and ancient Greek – why learn any useful skills when he new what he wants to do with his life even before his voice changed? Afterwards Nemanja Kostić successfully left faculty where he studied radio production in order to, paradoxically, continue to work at the radio station. Right now he is probably the youngest director of any media in Serbia!

Petar Janjatović

SELF RELEASE OR WITH A RECORD LABEL? - 15:30, Friday, october 12th

Petar Janjatović is a Serbian author, journalist and music critic. He wrote for music magazines Džuboks, Rock, X zabava and Ukus nestašnih, but also for Start, Politikin Zabavnik, NIN, Vreme, Duga, Reporter, Super Tin and Politika. From 2006 to 2012, he, together with Tomislav Grujić, on Radio B92, had a show Juboks (Yubox), which dealt with pop and rock scene of SFR Yugoslavia successor states. In 1993, he published the book Pesme bratstva & detinjstva: Antologija rok poezije SFR Jugoslavije 1967 - 1991 (Songs of Brotherhood & Childhood: Anthology of Rock Poetry in SFR Yugoslavia 1967 – 1991). In 1998, he published the book Ilustrovana YU rock enciklopedija 1960 - 1997 (Illustrated Rock Encyclopedia 1960-1997). The book saw two more editions: Ilustrovana ex YU rock enciklopedija 1960 - 2000 (2001) and Ex YU rock enciklopedija 1960 - 2006 (2007).

Relja Milanković Reksona

SELF RELEASE OR WITH A RECORD LABEL? - 15:30, Friday, october 12th

Relja Milanković Reksona is a Serbian artist and music producer. He is the co-founder of the first and largest hip hop label in the Balkan region; Bassivity Music. He is also CEO of the later formed Bassivity Digital and Bassivity Music record label, co-founder and CEO of Loudpack Zone radio, as CEO of marketing agency Soulflower and first hype streetwear shop in balkans Minus1 store. Also, Relja worked as head of A&R for Warner Music chapel licensee in Serbia as well as Marketing and product Manager at Warner Music Serbia Licensee. Relja also runs Bassivity Studio 7 in Belgrade, Serbia which beside many other successful projects is official Warner Brothers dubbing studio for Serbia and Montenegro.

Sara Gigante

HOW TO GET YOUR BAND TO SHOWCASE FESTIVAL? - 14:00, Friday, october 12th

Sara Gigante is the director of Charm Music Serbia, a sister company of the agency Charmenko - located in Istanbul. Her main activity is promoting event in Serbia and coordinating the Balkan region. She has worked as a band manager, agent and promoter, her passions stays focused on world music and raising bands.

Ilija Milošević

SELF RELEASE OR WITH A RECORD LABEL? - 15:30, Friday, october 12th

Ilija Milošević was born in 1980 in Belgrade and after music high school „Mokranjac“ and a few years at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, he dedicates his professional life to production, promotion and management in the entertainment industry, being engaged in various local and regional projects including Exit Festival, Refract and IDAHO Belgrade, as well as numerous independent artistic and socially engaged initiatives. With the arrival of the Universal Music Group in the region in 2009 and the beginning of its direct business on the territories of the Western Balkans, the Belgrade office of this global music company is responsible for all its activities in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. As a passionate lover of music and performing arts in the broadest sense, he often appears in public as a journalist and performer.

Ivan Vanja Maslov

MUSIC AND BRANDS - How To Get Sponsorship - 12:30, Saturday, october 13th

Ivan Vanja Maslov is founder and producer of Belgrade Beer Fest - musical manifestation with the most visitors in South East Europe, the Belgrade Manifesto and many other festivals and events on the territory of Serbia and the region.


WHY MY BAND IS NOT A NEWS ANYMORE? - 11:00, Saturday, october 13th

Editor of the cultural section on the portal She has been in the media for almost 15 years, but in the rock and roll scene and Belgrade stories much longer. She finished Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science and mastered alternative scene at Akademija, SKC, Dom Omladine, Bigz… She writes for NOIZZ, NIN, Elevate, Blic, City magazine, 24 hours, Popbox, Glas javnosti.

Ana Lađarević

WHY MY BAND IS NOT A NEWS ANYMORE? - 11:00, Saturday, october 13th

Ana is a longtime journalist and editor in daily newspapers and the website "Blic". Since completing journalism studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in 2005, she has been dealing with topics related to culture, pop culture and show business. For the last four years, she has been the editor in chief of “Magazine” and “TV Magazine” in “Blic”. She is author of the blog and currently works as a marketing manager of the print edition of "Blic" newspaper.

Danijel Farkaš

DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING - 11:00, Friday, october 12th

After 8 years working as a journalist he turned to digital marketing and projects. Currently he is a project manager in Darwin Digital, an agency that builds modern websites and applications based on artificial intelligence. He is one of the founders of portal


CAN INDIES SAVE MUSIC BIZ? - 14:00, Saturday, october 13th

Didier is the Communication and Membership Manager of IMPALA, the European association of independent record labels, based in Brussels. IMPALA’s mission is to grow the independent music sector, return more value to artists, promote cultural diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access and modernise perceptions of the music sector. An avid fan of music, Didier also runs Black Basset Records – a record label born out of the desire to put a spotlight on aesthetics with no media attention –, writes for The Word magazine, and hosts a monthly radio show in Belgium.

Ida Prester

WHY MY BAND IS NOT A NEWS ANYMORE? - 11:00, Saturday, october 13th

She has been a leader, author and frontwoman of band Lollobrigida for 15 years! Three years ago she started an electro dance project Frau Casio and 1 year ago band MaiKa, which already performed at world known festivals such as Boomtown, Eurosonic and Revolution. She is a media person, tv host and an influencer.

Kees van Weijen

CAN INDIES SAVE MUSIC BIZ? - 14:00, Saturday, october 13th

Kees van Weijen has been working in the Entertainment Industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain since 1974. During the span of his career Kees has worked for Universal Music as Executive Vice president, Managing director of Mercury records, MCA and Polydor, Rough Trade Distribution, with artists such as INXS, Kiss, Elton John, Dire Straits, LIVE, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, No Doubt, U2, Lionel Ritchie, Andrea Bocelli, Caro Emerald, Tiesto, Jimmy Lidel, Armin van Buuren, The Editors and many others. He is currently running HIT4US as managing director.

Ljiljana Zdravković

DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING - 11:00, Friday, october 12th

PR manager, radio host and singer from Belgrade. Over two decades she spent in front of the microphone as a radio host on some of the most popular Belgrade radio stations (Radio TRI, Rock radio ...). In the last several years he has been working as a PR manager of music events (in Serbia and in the region). Currently working as a PR Manager for Ticketshop, Fest club, concerts organized by Hala sportova (Beth Hart, Mando Diao) and Charm music Serbia (Dead Can Dance, Tom Odell, Schiller, Eros Ramazzotti ...), as well as several Serbian bands / performers. Sings in the Belgrade rock band The Bite.

Milovan Bošković

SELF RELEASE OR WITH A RECORD LABEL? - 15:30, Friday, october 12th

He is a founder and owner of indiependent publishing house Gruvlend. Also, he is a leader, producer, author and guitarist of band Zemlja Gruva.

Stribor Filić (radio Eurostar)

WHY RADIO IS NOT PLAYING MY SONG? - 15:30, Saturday, october 13th

He is a longtime radio editor, a political commentator, a social chronicler. organizer of various cultural and humanitarian events. Radio host. The creator and conceptual initiator of several radio shows. Sociologist. He studies International relations and diplomacy. Writes, creates music and sings. Copyrighter. Co-funder of Indirekta Festival Umag.


WHY RADIO IS NOT PLAYING MY SONG? - 15:30, Saturday, october 13th

She is editor in chief of community radio “Radio Aparat”. From 1991 to 2016 she worked on radio and television broadcaster Studio B - as a music editor, presenter and journalist. Within the organization Pop Depresija, she is engaged in strategic planning and organizational work. Pop Depresija is a publishing house, radio show, but also a platform for promoting new bands of the local music scene and booking and organizing concerts. In November 2016, we started Radio Aparat, a community internet radio.

Vedran Kaligarić

SO CLOSE NO MATTER HOW FAR - 17:00, Saturday, october 13th

Since his high school, he was very active in local cultural projects, at the same time raising partnerships in the region. During his study in Rijeka, he was highly involved in the Croatian music scene as a "talent scout" for several clubs in Rijeka and Istria. After years, more precisely in 2013, he decided to make steps ahead with friends and organize Indirekt - music and art festival in Umag. In the following years he was intensively active in the regional music scene, launched a label, several regional music releases and helped his Belgrade friends to create an Indirekt Showcase Belgrade in Serbia."


MUSIC AND BRANDS - How To Get Sponsorship - 12:30, Saturday, october 13th

He is the founder of concert agency Long Play from Belgrade, which is one of the leading concert agencies and publishers in Serbia and former Yugoslavia, with over one hundred concerts, festivals and art events organized annually. Zoran Vulović is co-founder and co-owner of Arsenal Fest (the festival is a member of The Europe Festival Association - Yourope), which in its 8 editions brought in significant international music names to Kragujevac (Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba, Antrax, Skunk Anansie, Editors, The Kills, Enter Shikari, Stereo MC's, Marky Ramone, Buzzcocks ...)

Bojan Lalović

MUSIC AND BRANDS - How To Get Sponsorship - 12:30, Saturday, october 13th

Član organizacionog tima Sea Rock Festivala u Kotoru od 2013. godine. Učestvuje u pregovorima sa muzičarima, buking agentima, potencijalnim sponzorima, lokalnim institucijama. Povremeno piše o muzici.

Carina Sava

SO CLOSE NO MATTER HOW FAR - Middle And East Europe Music Market Now - 17:00, Saturday, october 13th

Carina Sava is an artist manager at Agentia de Vise, a Bucharest based artist management and booking company where she is in charge of both established artists such as VAMA, a top Romanian pop rock band, Tudor Chirila, actor and musician, and talented emerging acts such as Ligia Hojda and LARISA. Formed in 2003, the agency manages all aspects of their artists' careers including writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity. Carina has an Artist Management Master Degree from Berklee College of Music and she is one of the organizers of Mastering the Music Business, the leading music conference and showcase event in Romania that takes place every year in March in Bucharest.


CAN INDIES SAVE MUSIC BIZ? – Powered By Impala - 14:00, Saturday, october 13th

Rođen 5.6.1974, u Pakracu, Hrvatska. Do odlaska na studij Prava u Zagreb živi u Daruvaru, gdje od 1988. do 1992. radi na lokalnom radiju. Od 1994. do 2001. radi kao voditelj, novinar i urednik autorskih glazbenih emisija, a kasnije i urednik glazbene redakcije Radija Velika Gorica. Istovremeno objavljuje intervjue i tekstove o glazbi, glazbenim fenomenima i pop kulturi u nizu novina (Vjesnik, Jutarnji list, Obzor, OK, IQ, Beat itd.).

Od 1999. Godine angažiran je kao vanjski suradnik Dallas Recordsa, jedne od vodećih izdavačkih kuća u regiji, na poslovima promocije izdanja iz domaćeg i stranog kataloga izdanja diskografske kuće EMI koju je Dallas tada eksluzivno zastupao za cijelu regiju. Unutar odjela promocije pokreće i uređuje Dallasov promo fanzin, a kasnije preuzima uređivanje i Dallasova radijske emisije, da bi dvije godine kasnije postao marketing menadžer i voditelj niza projekata i izdanja kuće. Od 2004. godine napreduje na poziciju direktora marketinga i promocije, te glavnog urednika svih diskografskih, a od 2012.-te i knjižnih izdanja Dallas Recordsa. Od sredine 2017. godine zauzima poziciju izvršnog direktora Dallas Recordsa.

Igor Puljic – Pookie


Igor Puljic – Pookie is a DJ, producer and promoter, working in the music Industry for more than 20 years. Pookie has been promoting events for a long time. He brought more than 200 foreign DJs and 50 Live Acts to Serbia and has strived to establish the Serbian club scene at a global level. In the early 2000’s Pookie has been running the only two record shops in Serbia at the time. First “HMK Music” till 2003 and then “Late Nite Productions” till 2006. As a DJ, he performed in probably every single club in Adriatic region, had residencies in best clubs of Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia. Beside that for several years as member of Nocturnal Groove family from UK, been playing Nocturnal parties around Europe with The Shapeshifters, Frankie Knuckles and many others. Production wise has been active for several years and releasing tracks for Nocturnal Groove and several other House labels across the globe, with probably the highlight of that part of his career with very successful remix of Frankie Knuckles – Your Love.

Maciej Madejski

HOW TO GET YOUR BAND TO SHOWCASE FESTIVAL? - 14:00, Friday, october 12th

Booking agent, radio DJ, journalist. Radio host in Poland-based “Afera” for over 20 years now, focused mainly on past and present balkan music scene. As a journalist, DJ and – primarily – owner of SIDEWAYS booking and promotion agency, Maciej is responsible for presenting to polish audience many young bands from Eastern and Central Europe; only out of ex-Yu region, he organized tours and gigs for such names as Repetitor, Stray Dogg, Żen, Persons From Porlock, (The) Lesser Men, Haiku Garden or No! Mozzart.

Marko Marjanović

DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING - 11:00, Friday, october 12th

Marko Marjanović je deo kreativnog sektora advertajzing agencije Ovation BBDO i jedan od osnivača popkulturnog sajta i radio emisije Već više od 5 godina radi na nekim od najvećih reklamnih kampanja u regionu. Mrzi da piše ove tekstove gde treba da predstavi sebe u nekoliko rečenica.

Nikola Guberinić

MUSIC AND BRANDS - How To Get Sponsorship - 12:30, Saturday, october 13th

A passionate lover of music and everything about it. He began his career as a journalist at TV Metropolis, but when he got bored, he started working in a marketing agency Buzz Advertising (now known as Havas) and then in Trupmet. Finally, he came to senses in 2013 when he began working at JTI company, at Winston brand department and later on as a DTC associate for all brands. At JTI he succeeds to combine his love to music with realistic business goals through the creation of proxy platforms. He is currently employed at Coca-Cola as a WOAH manager.


SELF RELEASE OR WITH A RECORD LABEL? - 15:30, Friday, october 12th

Danas, kao i pre deset godina, SevdahBABY je jedan čovek. On se zove Milan Stanković i on najviše uživa kada u svojim pesmama meša različite muzičke kulture. Ne boji se optužbi za jeres ni od jedne vrste publike: recimo ni od strane ljubitelja mainstream ili balkanske folk muzike sa jedne i predstavnika urbane, klupske kulture na drugoj strani. On snažno veruje da je muzika univerzalna, da je balkanski sevdah isto što i američki blues, ili brazilska tristessa. Osim kao producent, SevdahBABY je aktivan i kao DJ. Počev od 2007. godine imao je brojne nastupe širom bivše Jugoslavije, kao i u zemljama u okruženju. Njegovi DJ setovi odišu eklektikom, ali ta raznovrsnost stilova uvek je u svojoj dubokoj osnovi podržana pokretljivim funky ritmovima i snažnim elektronskim sint linijama.


Vasko Gromkov (DJ VaGro)

Vasko Gromkov (DJ VaGro) is a Bulgarian writer, poet, music journalist, actor, promoter, screenwriter, radio and TV presenter, producer and DJ from the oldest school with 36 years of DJ staging experience and with 11 awards from various festivals at the end of the 80s. He works mainly in the following directions: disco, rock, funk, old school, new wave, electro, pop, acid house, jazz. Favorite Music Period: The 80s!

He is the author of the books „I was DJ” (first and second part) - the one and only book dedicated to the DJ culture in Bulgaria and the birth of the profession in the country.

Promocija romana DEVET

Sava Nikolić, poznati dizajner, u devetoj godini života pao je na glavu i doživeo težak potres mozga uz kompletan gubitak pamćenja. Trideset godina kasnije sticaj dramatičnih okolnosti učiniće da pamćenje počne postepeno da mu se vraća, sve dok ne napuni devet godina, drugi put.

O autoru

Slavimir Stojanović Futro je beogradski dizajner, vizuelni umetnik, kreator lajfstajl brenda Futro i autor serijala dečijih slikovnica Avanture Singi Lumbe. Njegovi projekti iz domena dizajna dobili su preko 300 međunarodnih nagrada.

Dobitnik je i nagrade za životno delo Udruženja za tržišne komunikacije Srbije. Ovo je njegov prvi roman, obogaćen sa preko četrdeset ilustracija najpoznatijih slikara i dizajnera iz regiona.

Rokenrol u kandžama interneta

Koncept kao i teme postavljene u knjizi „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta“, naišle su na snažan odjek i reakciju javnosti, koja je prepoznala aktuelnost i značaj tumačenja i odnosa novog načina promocije putem onlajn varijanti, od strane aktera ovdašnje (rock) muzičke priče. „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta 2“ nastavlja tamo gde se stalo sa prvom knjigom tačno godinu dana nakon njenog izlaska, ali zaokružuje i završava postavljeni i ponuđeni koncept, u kojem su učestvovali predstavnici muzičke scene u Srbiji i, jednim manjim delom, u dijaspori.

Predrag Jovanović rođen je 29.09.1963. godine u Beogradu. Jedan je od pionira beogradske rhythm and blues scene, a sa grupom Ana Marija objavio je tri albuma. Ipak, životni put ga je odveo na drugu stranu. Diplomirao je informatiku, a od 1991. godine s lakoćom razbija strah polaznika od korišćenja računara. Objavio je 30 knjiga iz oblasti računara. Kao što to obično biva, sledi povratak korenima. Svoje znanje iz oblasti muzike i računara želeo je da spoji i pokaže kako u današnje vreme u muzici postoji neophodnost korišćenja modernih tehnologija. Zajedno sa Vladanom Nenadićem tvorac je emisije „Druga strana računara”, koja se emituje na „Radio Beogradu” od 2013. godine i koja je na jedan sjajan način pokazala kako Rock’n’Roll danas mora Računati na Računare. Prava formula je: „R'n'R = R'n'R”. Sa Branimirom Loknerom i Wood RS-om objavio je knjigu „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta” kao i „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta 2” 2017 godine.

Branimir Lokner rođen je 19.05.1961. u Zemunu. Prve tekstove napisao je za „Džuboks” u novembru 1980. godine. Pisao je i bio saradnik u velikom broju magazina, kako u Srbiji, tako i Hrvatskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini, za vreme nekadašnje zajedničke države. Pisao za „Rock”, „Glas omladine”, „Stav”, „Non”, „Omladinsku iskru”, „Valter”, „Vijesnik”, „Expres Politiku”, „Rock Express”, „Hard Metal” itd. Radio na „Beogradu 202”, „Radio Pingvinu”, „Radio Politici”, na „Trećem kanalu RTS”-a, „NS Plusu”, „TV Politici”. Bio je urednik izdanja u izdavačkoj kući „IT MM” tokom 90-ih godina, a u periodu od 2006. do 2009. godine urednik edicije „Retrologija” u izdanju „PGP RTS”-a. Dve godine bio je predsednik žirija „Banjalučkog Demofesta” i dugi niz godina predsednik žirija „Zaječarske gitarijade”. Jedan je od osnivača i predsednik žirija „Belgrade Demo Festa”. Od 2002. godine u većoj meri se okreće pisanju za portale i sajtove. Vlasnik je, urednik i osnivač „Time Machine Music” webzina. Objavio je 2 knjige muzičkih kritika: „Kritičko pakovanje” (1994) i „Kritičko pakovanje 2” (2002). Zajedno sa Predragom Jovanovićem i Wood RS-om objavio je knjigu „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta” 2016., kao i „Rokenrol u kandžama interneta 2” 2017 godine.

Tús Nua

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Tús Nua

There's a thin line between everything


INDIREKT :: Autumn Edition @ Ben Akiba 2015.
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Photo by: Jasenka Grujin


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