Come and meet the avalanche of good music and good spirit

Belgrade, 5th to 8th of October 2017


Autumn edition 2017


Indirekt is an independant music and art festival with two hometowns – Umag/Croatia in June and Belgrade/Serbia in October. This year Indirekt Autumn Edition happens for the third time in Belgrade, in four venues, with 22 stunning performers and numerous brillliant lecturers and discussion panel participants from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Austria and Hungary. 

A decision was made by the headman of the Ammonite Records and Phonofile Balkan, Dejan Bošković, to go showcase. The region of former Yugoslavia still lacks showcase festivals - except for Slovenia's MENT, and Serbia has practically no festival of this kind. The local scenes in former Yugoslavia are thriving and they yearn for better mutual communication and better connection with the rest of the European music market. Indirekt Showcase is therefore a new platform for boosting music scene, a new showcase festival in Balkans.

Feel yourself welcome to the Europe's party capital - Belgrade! Come and meet the avalanche of good music and good spirit! Go Indirekt!


KC Grad / Dorćol Platz / KC Rex / Majstor za pivo


Ana Avramov (SRB), At Pavilion (AT), Auf Wiedersehen (SRB), Baden-Baden (CRO), Barbarisms (SWE), Bitipatibi (SRB), Cari Cari (AT), Dogs In Kavala (SRB), Dope Calypso (HU), Gospel Dating Service (AT), Haze & Ash (MN), Jakob Kobal (SLO), Moloa (SRB), Nadja (SRB), Norma (SWE), Presing (SRB), Sir Croissant (BIH), Sleepyheads (CRO), Technoir (ITA), The Immigrants (HU), The Lesser Men (CRO), Triko (SRB)

We proudly invite you to the first showcase festival in Serbia, and one of the few in Balkans!  Indirekt Autumn Edition takes place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 5th to 8th of October 2017.

At Pavillon

Zemlja: Austrija

At Pavillon

Disco Demolition Night

Indirekt Autumn Edition 3


Zemlja: Švedska


I Have Not Seen You in Days


Ana Avramov

Ana Avramov is a Serbian singer-songwriter known for dream pop tunes signed by her melancholic contralto vocal. Her work as a solo artist is closely connected with the indie-alternative band In Absentias where she is the lead guitar player and the vocalist. The band published an EP "Far Out" in 2015, toured Europe afterwards and appeared at major festivals in the region. As a solo artist, Ana deconstructs In Absentias songs, performed in a new, stripped and intimate rearrangement. Her music is a playful crossover of forms and styles ranging from indie, dream pop and shoegaze to alternative and blues.

At Pavillon

The four Vienna based musicians have used club stages to get their important messages across since 2010 and managed to receive widespread attention and cheer for their debut-single „Lions“. At Pavillon’s second record takes you back in a time machine to the beginnings of the disco movement in the US, a time when mostly ethnic minorities and also the LGBT community followed the disco hype. Their first EP „Disco Demolition Night“ was inspired by 70s and 80s movie classics and has all the potential to give disco music a new boost. Their songs are driven with statements promoting tolerance and danceable tributes to personal freedom combined with fast rhythms and funky arrangements.

Auf Wiedersehen

Auf Wiedersehen is a 2-3 piece electro-rock band formed in Belgrade in 2010 by Vladimir Dražić (vocal/guitar/electronics), Milan Jakonić (bass guitar) and Miroslav Mišković (electronics). They play electro minimal garage dance music, a combination od electronic and guitar sound, with minimalistic approach, repetitive and strong grooves. The repetitive psychedelic riffs and electronic beats give the dancing character to their music, nevertheless remaining dark. Strong rhythms, analog rhythm machines and synthesizers, massive basslines, sharp guitars and processed vocals make a distinctive sound of this band. They won the 1st prize at the prestigious Mikser Festival and released their debut album through Mascom Records in 2016.


Baden-Baden are a pleasant, cheerful industrial electro-punks from Zagreb. Five years ago they started ruling the regional underground scene thanks to their EP full of hits like Honigmund. Their debut album La Drogue, with a slight change of sound, blended with their style and got them positive reviews and media attention, but their live performances recruited them quite a number of fans. They're famous for their contraversial music videos and provocative shows. We're looking forward to their concert, armed with nothing but the energy they will march into the club. surrounded with friends and top themselves as usual.

Auf Wiedersehen

Zemlja: Srbija

Auf Wiedersehen



Barbarisms is a 3-piece band from Stockholm, fronted by American songwriter Nicholas Faraone. Their self-titled debut drew comparisons to Guided by Voices and Built to Spill and lyrical references to Destroyer and Smog. The band developed what Uncut Magazine referred to as a "loose and breezy" aesthetic that highlights the "conversational poetry". They shared the stage with Jens Lekman, Timber Timbre, Alice Boman and Micah P Hinson. “Browser “, second LP released in May 2016 for the italian record label A Modest Proposal, will appeal to listeners who like Gram Parsons cut with Galaxy 500, Built to Spill cut with Silver Jews.

Cari Cari

Cari Cari are Stephanie and Alexander, energetic indie/blues rock duo based in Vienna (Austria). They started as a side project, but gained succes like showing up in a Shameless soundtrack, three times! You can hear synthesizer, seductive guitar joined with southern drum beats, australian didgeridu and jaw harp in their music, they are singing on turns and getting along together in harmony. The Kills fans will be delighted. watch?v=lBo_fMkdTrY. They are promoting their first EP Amerippindunkler in Umag along with some new songs they're releasing with Ink Music. East London’s boldness, Melbourne’s DIY-attitude and the fascinating weirdness of Tokyo are all distilled into their latest single Nothing's Older Than Yesterday. Three year period of searching for the exciting, the unseen and unheard music is interweaved in this song.


Zemlja: Hrvatska


Of Fear

Dogs in Kavala

Dogs in Kavala are a three piece band from Belgrade, Serbia, playing garage psychedelia, under the influence of the 1960’s and 1970’s garage rock. The band is created in 2016 by three young guys from various parts of former Yugoslavia. Hypnotizing drum sounds, breathless bass drive, and heavily reverberated guitar sounds will teleport you straight to a sand beach. Their major influences are Thee Oh Sees, King Gizard And The Lizard Wizard, Pond, Tame Impala, Parquet Courts, Petrol, Ty Segall and Holly Wave.

Dope Calypso

Dope Calypso is a garage-punk band from Budapest, Hungary. They released 3 albums - "Farewell To The Fairy, Goodbye To The Ghost" (2014) and "Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!" released just 8 months later, and "Mau Mau" (December 2016). "Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!" was ranked high in the Hungarian media - e.g. #2 album on Index, and the song "Boys From Heaven" is marked the best song of 2015 on Stenk’s song contest. "Mau Mau" is #3 album on Stenk. Their fourth album is announced for December 2017. They are heavily influenced by The Pixies, and they admit it.

Haze & Ash

Zemlja: Crna Gora

Haze & Ash


Gospel Dating Service

Gospel Dating Service is a band project based in Vienna, standing for groovy up-tempo beats, catchy choruses and heartfelt soul. Band members Christoph Ertl (Keys/Vox), David Resch (Bass) and David Ruhmer (Drums) create their unique style, shaped by a combination of uplifting beats, as well as powerful bass and synthesizer effects, forming a musical invitation to dance. The energetic expression and high pitched voice of the lead singer Christoph Ertl adds the final touch to GDS`s sound. The band managed to stir up the Austrian indie scene and achieved multiple chart listings, including a top twenty placement in the weekly charts of Austria’s biggest indie Radio “Fm4”. Touring highlights of 2016 included multiple support shows for Nada Surf and a show at FM4 Frequency Festival.


Haze & Ash are a band based in Budva/Montenegro and Belgrade/Serbia, formed long ago, yet released their first song on 4th June of 2017. The band has notes of lackadaisical, phlegmatic, nostalgic and dreamy vibe. Their inspiration for the album Hedonism is mainly revolving around the life by the sea. Hedonism, which is due to be released in 2017 as well, is a conceptual album, first song being Morning, and the last being Night. That way, it metaphorically marks one whole day in the life of two band founders, Andrej Lovric and Dario Vuksanovic, ending with a dreamy low-fi melody that "Night' consists of.

Jakob Kobal

Zemlja: Slovenija

Jakob Kobal

Burning Sun

Jakob Kobal

Jakob Kobal is a 22-year old singer-songwriter from Slovenia with influences ranging from Kings of Convenience, Syd Barrett to Ben Howard and Jeff Buckley. Jakob’s style of conveying personal thoughts and perspective on the world through lyrics and music already captured the interest of many music editors on radio stations. His first single Cloudless Skies is one of the most played songs of 2016 on Val 202, a Slovenian national radio, which brought him EBBU invitation on Eurosonic Noordeslaag 2017 in Groningen. Critics as well as the audience are looking forward to his debut release in 2017.


Moloa is a postmodern rock trio, active since January of 2017. It's a musical experiment with a few specific characteristics, one of which is to enrich the pop-song structure with plenty of content and subtext. After just two rehearsals, Moloa recorded three songs, successively published them and thus got their first EP release. The band played a handful of very noisy shows supporting the regional indie bands Seine, Brigand and Stepa. The last was organised in the independent art space Kvaka 22 (Catch-22) and it was the group's most noted performance. Moloa is currently immersed in the creative process, crafting songs for their debut long-play release.


Zemlja: Srbija


Promenljivi svemir


Her warm urban Americana tunes, her dreamy voice and mellow guitar are the reasons why this very young and promissing singer-songwriter is swiftly gaining attention. Somewhere in the hot boulevards of Novi Sad is the shelter of her contemplations and the forge of her guitar arrangements. It is plane to see - her life’s completely devoted to music and art.  She’s immersed in music since her salad days; after receiving the classical piano and guitar tuition she played in several school bands, but then decided to continue on her own, as she obviously scores best alone. The proof is her debut EP “Venus in Gemini”.


Norma is an indie-pop trio from Sweden, formed in 2007. They released an EP "1" (2007), and two albums "Book of Norma" (2008) and "The Invisible Mother" (2013) so far and in June 2017 put out the pilot single "Spectacular Bid" announcing their third album. The band was heavily influenced by David Lynch and his film music, therefore they used instruments like pedal steel, vintage organs and synthesizers. Musically, they are akin to kraut rock bands like Neu, Faust, the spacerock of Spiritualized and Spacemen3 and others like Silverbullit, 120 days, Serena Maneesh, War On Drugs and Sigur Ros.

Sir Croissant

Zemlja: BiH

Sir Croissant sessions


Sir Croissant is a stage name of the 16 years old indie-folk singer-songwriter Igor Božanić from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina. He is still a grammar school student and says he's into music "since forever". He went to music school and learned piano there, while he is self-taught as a guitar player. At the age of 15 he released his first EP with six authorial songs "Let Me Sleep". He’s sensitive as Stray Dogg, fragile as Rhye, and you can sense Lisa Hannigan influence too. Sia fans, whose album he was named after, will enjoy his music.


Presing is a 6-piece crossover band formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 1991. The frontman Kiza Radović combines his theatrically wild stage moves with high-end poetry. Joined with bewilderingly harmonic guitars of Vladimir Krakov, and some of the finest jazz-punk musicians in Balkans, such as Dušan Petrović (bass/sax), Jovan Krstić (flute/sax), Igor Damjanović (sax/ewi4000) and Ernest Džananović (drums) they unleash powerfuly unpredictable sonic stampedo onstage. Presing released four albums so far. Their 2nd album "6th Heaven" was the album of the year in Yugoslavia in 2002, and "one of the best five albums to come from Europe over the last decade" (New York Press). Their new album is on the way. 


Zemlja: Srbija




The Immigrants is a progressive space indie-rock band formed in Pécs, Hungary, in 2011. Band members are Adorio Badric (leading vocals, bass guitar), Szabolcs Sapi (guitar, vocals) and Balazs Karolyfi (drums, vocals). In 2013 they released their first studio album “Best of”. In March 2016 they released their second album "I Need Help" (LP/CD/dig) through Belgrade based indie label Ammonite Records. So far they played in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Hercegovina, China, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Their music video "Grapefruit" got SlagerFM’s “7 Chiefs” award for the best music video of 2016.


Triko is an alternative rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Their music is a richly potent blend of a number of musical styles, ranging from abrasive post-punk, over hazy shoegaze and post-rock, to mellow dream-pop. Band members are Milan Bukejlovic (drums, vocals), Dragan Mihajlovic (bass guitar, keyboards) and Boris Milanovic (guitar, vocals, keyboards). The is active since april 2013. They released an EP with four instrumental tracks in 2014. Their first album "Atina Bojadzi" is released in 2016, named after Yugoslav female marathon swimmer who swam accross the English Channel in 1969. Marija Djordjevic was a member of the band at that time and has contributed vocals and songwriting.

Dogs in Kavala

Zemlja: Srbija

Dogs in Kavala



The Lesser Men are a four-piece indie-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. They formed in 2011. They released their first album "Vacation Freeze" in 2014 under the safe hand of Hrvoje Nikšić as a producer at Zagreb based Kramasonic studio. In 2015 they released an EP "Better Girls". They are a highly energetic guitar act with nicely arranged poliphonic vocals and at moments surprising harmonies which can lead you through unexpected soundscapes only vaguely marked by Sonic Youth, Jim O' Rourke or even Stone Roses, but still this is a band with a strong sonic DNA of its own. Their new album is out on 22nd September through Geenger Records and Ammonite Records joined forces.


Sleepyheads are an indie-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. They are a classic four-on-the-floor rock line up, with two guitars, drums, vocal and bass. They may remind you of plenty of fine stuff you already heard before - Husker Du, Lemonheads, The National, Muse, etc, but they do it with tons of heart, and it will disarm you. They shot their first album „The Swirling Thoughts Of...“ in 2015 with a reputable producer Hrvoje Nikšić in a groovy Kramasonic studio, and it tottally paid off, they got a lovely record, presenting the band as it is - nose-deep in love with their music. And it is still just the begining of their story.


Bitipatibi is a Belgrade based dream pop band formed in 2009, lead by charismatic front woman and author Una Gašić. With their extraordinary verses, hypnotic vocal, and a curious game of guitars and synthesisers, Bitipatibi takes us to another dimension. They are four on the floor band: Una Gašić - vocal, organ, Todor Živković - guitar, Dragan Mihajlovic - bass guitar and Ernest Dzananović- drums. They released two albums so far - "Lešnici divlji (Wild Hazelnuts)" (self release, 2012) and "Lešnici divlji 2" (Menart, 2017).


Technoir is a psychedelic soul/nu jazz duo based in Milan active since 2014. The core members are: Alexandros (aka Sound Activist) : guitars, beats, synths, vocals, and Jennifer (aka Jennyfire) : vocals, fx, pads. Alexandros has Greek origins, while Jennifer was born in Italy by Nigerian and Ghanaian parents. The duo's sound mixes jazz, electronica, soul and improvisation with a restless sonic research. They released their debut album "NeMui" on April 21st 2017 through Cane Nero Dischi. NeMui is an acronym for "New Ecosystem Musically Improved". NeMui has drawn the attention of AFROPUNK portal which premiered the project online.


Zemlja: Italija


Techtube | Sofar Brescia



Alis Marić, Zagrepčanka, majka troje djece. Imam 56 godina. Diplomirana sam pravnica. Nakon 22 godine uspješne korporativne karijere odlučila sam napraviti zaokret u svom životu i daljnjem radu. Od kada znam za sebe gajim veliku ljubav prema čitanju i knjigama. Knjige, knjižare, knjižnice su oduvijek bile moj najdraži svijet.

Zato 2014. godine pokrećem Čitaj knjigu facebook stranicu, a pola godine kasnije i blog istog imena. Moj hobi i ljubav prema knjigama ubrzo su prerasli u poduzetnički pothvat. Postajem uvažena blogerica kojoj se vjeruje. Čitaj knjigu danas je popularna facebook stranica i blog koji okuplja 350.000 knjigoljubaca u regiji (koja broji cca 15 milijuna ljudi), koji uz preporuke što čitati, mogu uživati i u prekrasnim fotografijama mjestima za čitanje i inspirativnim citatima.

Moj blog ima za cilj popularizirati čitanje, podići svijet o važnosti knjiga i čitanja za zdravlje, ali i za obrazovanje i napredak u svakom pogledu.

Goran Stojičić /moderator/

Pisana reč, muzika i film su sastavni deo njegovog života, te je uz pomoć filmskog narativa, pesama i ilustracija svoju knjigu „pretvorio” u multimedijalnu. Poslovi kojima se bavio ranije nisu bili ni u kakvoj vezi sa književnim stvaralaštvom, ali se nakon objavljivanja „Besanih” sve promenilo, tako da sada piše za: Gle magazin, RYL magazin i Direktnu reč. Napisao je recenziju za roman „Morena - voda koja nosi sve”, Aleksandre Cimpl, u izdanju Admiral Books, a u pripremi je još nekoliko, među kojima je i za zbirku priča „Snovi za budne” Jelene Ćuslović u izdanju Ammonite. Od juna 2016. godine do danas, imao je više od dvadeset promocija u Srbiji i regionu. O Stojičićevoj knjizi, kritike, analize i prikaze su do sada napisali: Ivana Pekić (pisac), Ljubomir Bandović (glumac), Kristina Kovač (kompozitor), Nedim Hadži Ahmetović (multimedijalni umetnik), Branislav Radišić, (multimedijalni umetnik), Milica Vučkovič (književni kritičar) i Nikola Popović (profesor, pisac i prevodilac).

„Besani” će do kraja godine doživeti treće izdanje, a u prvoj polovini 2018. i slovenačko, u izdanju Mladinske knjige, dok je upravo započet prevod na hebrejski jezik. Od oktobra pokreće „Besane večeri”, u klubu Tuluz Lotrek (u Beogradu), gde će kao urednik i moderator razgovarati sa gostima iz sveta kulture i umetnosti. Završava svoju drugu knjigu koju će ponovo objaviti za Ammonite.

Hristina Petrović /crna ovca/

Za pokretanje ovog web-časopisa je bio potreban jedan običan dan, dve jake turske kafe, par osmeha, ideja i dva moderna klovna. Ideja se rodila sasvim slučajno. Nema tu preterane filozofije. Nismo otkrili rupu na saksiji. Samo smo odlučili da napravimo korak van sebe. Dosta je bilo tumaranja u mestu. Pokrenuli smo se i pozvali prijatelje. One nama slične, koji vole borbu sa vetrenjačama… U svetu zasićenom banalnostima odlučili smo da se okrenemo umetnosti i kulturi. Odrekli smo se šuplje komercijale. Ovde nećete naći priče o estradnim zvezdama ni deset načina da zadovoljite voljenu osobu. Zvezde postoje u pesmama i na nebu. Mi vam nudimo priče umetnika i talentovanih mladih ljudi koji zaslužuju podršku. Za njih možda nikada niste čuli, ali to ne znači da ne vrede.

Tijana Banović /Crna Ovca/

Želimo da svakidašnje teme tretiramo na nesvakidašnji način, jer umetnost se krije i u pesku i na lišću i u rolni toalet-papira. Neafirmisani umetnici, ljudske priče i atipični novinarski tekstovi će biti naš zaštitni znak.

Naše „crno stado“ je inteligentno, svestrano i radoznalo. Niko od njih se neće truditi da vas zavede ili osvoji. Oni će se truditi da ostanu svoji, svidelo se to vama ili ne. Uperiće prstom na one stvari pored kojih ljudi prolaze ili se prave da ih ne vide. U našem časopisu nema okova i zavesa. Osmislili smo ovaj koncept koji će možda biti zanimljiv još nekom… jer nije lako biti crna ovca…da je lako, sve bele ovce bi se odavno prefarbale.

Ingrid Divković /J**BE LI VAS EGO/

Ingrid Divković (32) je poznata hrvatska spisateljica i blogerica. Po struci je diplomirana profesorica hrvatskog jezika i književnosti i filozofije.Ova samostalna umjetnica piše već jako dugo i istinski je ljubitelj pisane riječi. Autorica je dviju knjiga.

Prvijenac „J..e li vas ego?!“ 2013.svojim je izdavanjem izazvao veliku pažnju javnosti i u svega tri godine knjiga je doživjela svoja 4. rasprodana izdanja (u Hrvatskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini) a u ovoj je godini knjiga prevedena i na slovenski jezik u izdanju Mladinske knjige gdje se već tri mjeseca nalazi na broju jedan najčitanijeg naslova u Sloveniji. Knjiga je prevedena i na engleski jezik te se planira njezino plasiranje na popularni Amazon, a knjiga će na jesen/zimu 2017. također biti prevedena i na srpski jezik u izdanju izdavačke kuće (iznenađenje u najavi!).

Druga autoričina knjiga je „Knjiga za divlju ženu“ 2016. koja je također već samim izdavanjem izazvala veliku pažnju čitalačke publike naročito one ženske. Do sada je doživjela dva izdanja, a svi se slažu u tome da je i ova knjiga postala nezaobilazan naslov a sve zbog jedinstvenostiautoričinog stila i sadržaja o kojemu piše. Za knjige Ingrid Divković kažu da su svojevrsni „vodiči“za bolji život koji odišu optimizmom i izazivaju pozitivne promjene u svakome tko ih pročita. U pripremi je izdavanje njezine treće knjige, ujedno i prvog romana „Živi mi se“.

Ingrid s čitateljima svakodnevno dijeli svoje misli putem društvenih mreža.Urednica je osobnog bloga koji je 2016. bio izabran u Coca-Cola Bloggers Network Adria tim. U veljači 2017. godine osvojila je treće mjesto na regionalnom natječaju “Ljudi s olovkama” a iste godinepostaje dijelom Blobustera, vodeće medijske kompanije u Hrvatskoj koja okuplja najzanimljivije autore, blogere i komentatore.

Inspirativne poruke Ingrid Divković prepoznao je i najsnažniji brend u Hrvatskoj „JANA -voda s porukom“ te je otisnuo dvije edicije s njezinim citatima koji su trenutno rasprostranjeni diljem regije u zemljama: Hrvatska, BIH, Crna Gora, Slovenija, Srbija, Mađarska, Kosovo, Makedonija, Slovačka i Češka.

Tanja Đorđević /ČITAMČITAŠ/

Osnovni cilj projekta ČitamČitaš je revitalizacija prostora od kulturnog značaja putem popularizacije knjiga i čitanja. Četiri godine, ovaj festival organizovao se na Kosančićevom vencu, na mestu nekadašnje Narodne biblioteke.

Ove godine, 7 i 8. oktobra, Peti ČitamČitaš festival će se održati u Novom bioskopu Zvezda. Na ovaj način ne naglašavamo samo važnost ovog prostora kao kulturnog dobra, već i vezu između književnosti i filmske umetnosti. Svake godine, osnovna aktivnost ovog festivala je razmena polovnih, pročitanih knjiga. Posetioci jednom godišnje imaju priliku da zamene pročitanu knjigu za neku drugu, kao i da učestvuju u različitim aktivnostima i radionicama koje su povezane sa knjigom i edukacijom.

Jedan od glavnih ciljeva projekta jeste direktno uključivanje mladih ljudi i novih članova koji će biti ambasadori kulture i čitanja, te od ove godine imamo nekoliko novih organizatora i volontera.

ČitamČitaš je projekat koji deluje u okviru dobrovoljnog, nevladinog, neprofitnog i nestranačkog udruženja Evropa Nostra Srbija, koje je posvećeno podizanju svesti o značaju kulturne baštine kao elementarnog prava svakog građanina.

Aktivni organizatori festivala: Bogdan Panajotovski, Vesna Kujović, Katarina Ivanišević, Nevena Drobnjak, Tamara Janić, Marija Marić, Tamara Ležaić, Ilija Stanković, Tanja Đorđević, Tijana Živković, Marina Lutovac, Mirjana Jemović, Kristina Grebenar i Marija Tutunović.

The Immigrants

Zemlja: Madjarska

The Immigrants



YouTube for Artist - How to make most out of YouTube

Friday, October 6th, 15:00h, DORCOL PLATZ Conference

Engaging Fans and Growing Your Channel on YouTube. Best practices of content development and video strategy. Strategies on monetizing your videos and analyzing your data on YouTube. 

András worked on various fields of the Hungarian music industry (EMI Hungary, Music Export Hungary, WM Music Distribution...) as new business and marketing manager, gained an expertise in digital music and online communication, helping labels and artists in this challenging era of music content creation and performance. Currently he is an expert trainer partner of Google Ground Budapest, helping local YouTube partners, creative agencies, artists, brands and content creators to reach their goals with audiovisual content on YouTube. 

Fans Beyond The Borders: “Promote Your Music Internationally"

Friday, October 6th, 13:00h, DORCOL PLATZ Conference

With the available channels to reach new fans, artists don't even need to go beyond borders: because there are no borders at all when it comes down to building your audience online. On this actionable workshop, you will see how indie artists from across the globe build international following through social media and smart marketing hacks, without spending a fortune.

After demonstrating *what* you can achieve with reaching fans outside of your local market in the first part of the session, Andrew will show you *how* exactly you can do that yourself. You will learn real tips and tools for building a strong brand online, finding new listeners, engaging them, and turning them into your loyal, paying superfans.

Andrew Apanov, the "Musician's Web Keeper," is the founder of Dotted Music, a music industry blog and digital marketing agency for music brands. He's also the creator of a growth training and community platform for artists called WeSpin, and the host of the Music Growth Talks podcast. Andrew has been in the music business for over a decade, as editor-in-chief of Ultimate Guitar, live events promoter, drum & bass DJ, consultant, and speaker.

INDEPENDENT ARTIST – Promote your music/

Friday, October 6th, 11:30h, DORCOL PLATZ Conference

Right now is a great time for independent artists to position themselves for success in today’s music industry. But how can you give yourself a better chance of standing out from the crowd? Daggan will talk about how to start building, and maintaing/working with, a fan base. How to market your releases and shows. How to look at the streaming services and their playlists. And other important tips to get ahead. It may sound easy when you read about/hear about it but it all comes down to working hard and staying focused on what you do. And having a plan, however small it is, is a key to success.

Daggan has worked with digital music distribution since 1999 and have extensive knowledge and insights in that field. He initiated one of the first legal download stores (Klicktrack) in 2004 and in 2010 they merged with Phonofile. Since 2010 he has been the Country Manager of Phonofile who have since then developed into the leading Nordic digital music distributor. As Sweden and Norway are the leading countries in the world in streaming, Phonofile have become the front runners and with their knowledge helped the whole independent sector in this territory to grow a lot. Daggan have has owned a couple of independent record labels since 1987 and since 2004 he runs Novoton and has first hand knowledge on what it takes to grow and develop smaller artists in the digital era.

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Saturday, October 7th, 14:00h, DORCOL PLATZ Conference

An overview of the Austrian music business, including general data of the market with a special view on labels, agencies, promoters, distributers, media, institutions, venues and festivals.

Franz Hergovich, born in Vienna in 1967, works as project manager at mica – music austria since 2008. He co-founded Austrian Music Export as common initiative of mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund. Since 2011 he is the representative of the managing director at mica. He was head of national distribution at Soul Seduction for a decade and worked as a concert promoter and DJ. He was Secretary of EMO (European Music Office) from 2010-2013, a member of the IAMIC Board (International Association of Music Information Centres) in 2012/13 and managing director of the MICA – Music Promotion Agency GmbH from 2011-2015.

Thomas Heher, born in 1974, since 1996 in the cultural sector active, is now working for several companies as an consultant in the field of music business and marketing and as a music and film curator. He developed the concept for Waves Vienna – Music Festival & Conference and is as the director of the festival responsible for programming and marketing. Previously Thomas worked as the chief editor of pop culture magazine TBA and was co-founder of pop culture magazine The Gap and the literature magazine Volltext. Before that he used to run the viennese record label P.A.M. Records and collected lots of experience when promoting concerts, readings and film screenings.


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